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So I bought some sparklers for a photo idea I had. Here are the photos I took IMG_0148IMG_0149IMG_0159IMG_0160


ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWe went to Bug Bowl with Elysia’s Girl Scout troop. Dylan loves Bug Bowl. He ate a chocolate covered cricket, held some bugs, and he even milked a cow. Elysia would only hold the caterpillar, but she got her face painted and played some games, so she had fun too. 

ImageImageImageImageImageA few weeks ago the kids and I helped Ev set up a stand in the Library to promote Lemonade Day. Dylan enjoyed wearing the Lemon Head around. After we were done we got to ride the Boilermaker Express and we ate at Panda Express. 


ImageImageImageImageAImageImageImageImageImageImageImageIt almost got warm there for a second. Today it is a lovely 30 degrees out, hopefully the temp will hit 50 like they claim it’s supposed to. 





Some flowers that my husband bought at work. Image

The stuff Elysia made me for Mother’s Day.ImageImage

Elysia came with me to scout some locations. Happy Hollow Elementary has a nice big hill, but a lousy view. ImageImageImage




I used my new Lensbaby Spark to take these photos. It’s only $80 and a great way to get a lensbaby for cheap. The aperture is fixed at 5.6, which limits its low light capabilities. It is still a pretty fun add-on.


First photos with the 5D

I’ve been wanting to upgrade my camera for a while now. I had originally planned on getting a Canon 60D. I read a lot of reviews on the 60D and it seemed like a good fit for me. Yes, it was another APS-C format camera and I really wanted a full frame camera, but I didn’t have the money. Then I did a little more research and learned that I could get an original 5D for less than the 60D. The 5D is full frame, but it is only 13.2 MP. I’ve never really cared about the megapixels in cameras. I had a Canon powershot with 3.2MP that took better pictures than some 7MP cameras. It definitely took better pictures than any current cell phone camera. I decided to buy the 5D because I knew I would be happier with an older full frame camera, than another crop sensor. I found a used 5D for $560 on The camera is in good shape, it has a few dings, but that was expected. I’ve been using it for nearly 1 week now and I love it more than I ever expected. I still have my 1000D for backup and I still love that camera. I am at a point where I am done spending large amounts of money on equipment. I need to get a good flash, but I have most of the lenses I need. Image

29 by Shannon*M
29, a photo by Shannon*M on Flickr.