I’m really terrible at blogging. I’m going to attempt to keep this updated. I got a new camera, so I’ve got some motivation for now.

Ev bought me a Canon 6D for our wedding anniversary. It will probably be the last anniversary present for a while (because it was expensive). I had the original 5D (which I still own). This was a nice upgrade. I didn’t really need this fancy of a camera, but once you go full frame, you can’t go back to a crop sensor. I probably won’t be doing anything professional or semi-professional with photography anytime soon. Unless someone wants me to take photos for them. I will mostly be taking photos of the kids and anything else I feel like for the time being. I’d like to do some street photography, but there aren’t many people in this area that do street photography and I would wind up sticking out like a sore thumb. But we will see. Maybe I will gather up the courage to do it anyway.

Here are a couple of photos I took the first day with the 6D. The first one is Elysia at the park. With the 5D reds and bright pinks always looked fake, almost cartoonish. With the 6D they look really nice. I know the 5D is a 12 year old camera and it still takes some amazing photos, but it was nice to upgrade. The second photo is Dylan at our friend’s house sitting by a fire. The ISO was set at 6400 and the photo looks really good still. My focus was a bit off, but that was more my fault than the camera’s. The 6D also takes video, which the 5D doesn’t offer.